Fireside Quarterly | Summer 2018

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In this issue:

  • “To This, You Cling, With Jagged Fingernails,” a story by Beth Cato
  • “Pigeons,” a story by Nibedita Sen
  • “Rules for Communing with Spirits,” a story by Christopher R. Alonso, illustrated by Charis Loke
  • “Reclaiming Makerhood,” an essay by Jessica S. Cauttero
  • “Love in Every Stitch,” a story by Alexandra Rowland
  • “The Unusual Customer,” a story by Innocent Chizaram Ilo
  • “The Story of a Young Woman,” a story by Ose Utomi
  • “A Taxonomy Of Hurts,” a story by Kate Dollarhyde, illustrated by Kevin Tong
  • “#MeToo, and Furthermore,” an essay by Hillary Monahan
  • “A Post-Modern Oracle,” a story by Courtney Floyd
  • “By Stone, By Sea, By Flower, By Thorn,” a story by Sarah Goslee
  • “Friday Night Games,” a story by Anne Dafeta
  • “Carborundorum > /dev/null,” a story by Annalee Flower Horne, illustrated by Michelle Wong
  • “Who Gets To Say #MeToo?,” an essay by Ace Tilton Ratcliff
  • “How to Identify An Alien Shark,” a story by Beth Goder
  • “The Ceremony,” a story by Mari Ness