Fireside Quarterly | Summer 2019

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In this issue:

  • “Advice For Your First Time At the Faerie Market,” a story by Nibedita Sen
  • “Amanda Draws Crows,” a story by José Pablo Iriarte
  • “Not All Caged Birds Sing,” a story by Sheree Renée Thomas
  • “Boxes,” an essay by Jacqui Talbot
  • “The Staircase to the Moon,” a story by M.K. Hutchins, illustrated by Mary Haasdyk
  • “Three of Swords, King of Cups,” a poem by Ali Trotta
  • “The Brightest Lights of Heaven,” a story by Maria Haskins
  • “Petals,” a story by Joanne Rixon
  • “How to Spend Your Free Time,” a poem by Charles Payseur
  • “Fare,” a story by Danny Lore, illustrated by Francesco Giani
  • “Saving the World, Saving Ourselves: the Role of Justice in the Environmentalist Movement,” an essay by Grace Villmow
  • “Signal,” a story by L. D. Lewis
  • “For What Dignity Remains,” a story by Michelle Muenzler
  • “Shelter, Sustenance, Self,” a story by Aimee Ogden
  • “Gallinas/Chickens,” a story by Raquel Castro
  • “Shapeshifting Sorcery: The Persistence of Mesoamerican Magic,” an essay by David Bowles, illustrated by Mariana Palova
  • “Puebla de los Ángeles,” a story by Libia Brenda
  • “City of the Angels,” a story by Libia Brenda
  • “Questions to Grow Up On,” a poem by Ashley Deng
  • “La Caja/The Box,” a story by Iliana Vargas