Every River Runs to Salt, by Rachael K. Jones (Ebook)

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The Pacific Ocean is a big thing to steal, and Quietly’s roommate Imani never does anything small. But then Imani goes and dies, and Quietly is left to travel to the Under-Ath (the underworld beneath Athens, Georgia), with angry gods at her heels, to clean up the mess Imani left behind and try to rescue her friend.


“Lyrical, raw, stubbornly poetic—Jones writes young love, cold water, and brutal magic. A painfully good read.”

—Lilith Saintcrow

“Rachael Jones’ novella is a striking journey into a new American myth. Jones has strapped afterburners onto her infamously lush prose, sending this story rocketing forward in a gorgeous whirlwind of unexpected tenderness.”

—Sarah Gailey

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