Fireside Quarterly | Fall 2020

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In this issue:

  • “Whistle Posts of Forgotten Railroads,” a story by Jason Sanford, illustrated by Marcia Diaz
  • “That Time I Found a Phone Booth Where I Can Talk to My (Dead) Dad,” a story by Alisa Alering
  • “Letters from Yours,” a story by Em Liu
  • “At the Intersection of Light and Sound,” a story by Michelle Mellon, illustrated by Daniel Castro Maia
  • “Navigational Error,” a story by Lucy A. Snyder
  • “Chosen,” a story by Kate Sheeran Swed
  • “Da Art of Speculatin’,” an essay by Regina N. Bradley
  • “The Boy with the Golden Arm,” a story by Danian Darrell Jerry, illustrated by Don Rimx
  • “Realism,” a story by M. R. Herbert
  • “In the Glass Hall of Supreme Women,” a story by Jaymee Goh