Fireside Quarterly | Summer 2020

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In this issue:

  • “Disassembly,” a story by Makena Onjerika
  • “Narrative Control,” a story by Kyle Kirrin
  • “,” a story by Hal Y. Zhang, illustrated by Anna Dittmann
  • “Try This One Weird Trick for A More Youthful Look in Minutes,” a story by Maria Romasco Moore
  • “An Incomplete Account of the Case of the Bird-Talker of Yaros,” a story by Eleanna Castroianni, illustrated by Pao-ju Lin
  • “Down,” a story by Jo Kaplan
  • “Worm Song,” a story by David Naimon
  • “Redemption,” a story by Mary Soon Lee
  • “Please Don't Let Go,” a story by Jo Lindsay Walton
  • “The Roman Road,” a story by Vajra Chandrasekera
  • “A Machine, Unhaunted,” a story by Kerstin Hall, illustrated by Melody Newcomb
  • “Fracture,” a story by dave ring, Tessa Fisher, and Marianne Kirby
  • “Holes The Body Leaves Behind,” a story by Jeremy Packert Burke