Fireside Quarterly | Winter 2020

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In this issue:

  • “Green Tunnels,” a story by Taimur Ahmad, illustrated by Kieu Vo
  • “Skyscraper,” a poem by Annika Barranti Klein
  • “Custom Options Available,” a story by Amy Griswold
  • “Watching Rome Burn,” a story by Veronica Brush
  • “The Imperishable Birds,” a story by Vajra Chandrasekera
  • “Even Robots Can Cry,” a story by Sam Kyung Yoo
  • “Rotting Flowers,” a poem by nwaobiala
  • “A Bitter Orange Perfume,” a story by H. Pueyo
  • “Charlie Tries to Interview Her Nanny,” a story by Michael Robertson, illustrated by Carlota Suárez
  • “Rule of Thirds,” a story by LH Moore
  • “Unmended,” a story by Mike Loniewski, illustrated by Omar Gilani
  • “How to Leave the Planet,” a poem by Hal Y. Zhang
  • “Mandragora,” a story by Nibedita Sen
  • “The Words I Starved For,” a story by N.R. Lambert